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2019 Worlds Group Stage Day 6 Tease

G2 look to be untouchable in Group A while Cloud9, Griffin, and Hong Kong Attitude will battle to continue their Worlds journey. Worlds Group Stage continues October 18 at 3PM CEST / 24PM AEDT.
9 hours ago

We're changing RP's name

Riot Points will now be called RP. What does RP stand for? Nothing.
21 hours ago

Mural Time Lapse: Our Game

This mural is dedicated to League players—the most creative and passionate community in the world. Kim Jung Gi is a renowned graphic artist from South Korea known for his vivid comic style and richly-detailed renderings from memory. This is Kim Jung Gi’s third collaboration with Riot Games.
23 hours ago

Anniversary Mural & Gifts

It would take a lifetime to acknowledge all of you who have helped make League what it is, but we’ve put together a few things to celebrate the occasion over the next ten days. This is for everyone. Thank you. Here’s to the next ten years.
23 hours ago

2019 Worlds Group Stage Day 5 Tease

It’s the last day of Group Stage for FunPlus Phoenix, CTBC J Team, Splyce, and GAM Esports, but there’s no clear favorite. Who will advance to Quarterfinals? Round 2 of Group Stage begins October 17 at 3PM CEST / 24PM AEDT.
1 day ago

Where to Watch the League of Legends Origins Doc

Check out the trailer, and find out where you can watch the full League of Legends Origins documentary. League of Legends Origins gives you a peek behind the scenes to relive some of our favorite (and most challenging) moments during the early days of League of Legends.
1 day ago

Champion Roadmap: October 2019

A new marksman, a new juggernaut, Senna, Fiddlesticks, and Volibear.
1 day ago

/dev: Let’s Talk About URF

We’re bringing back URF as a one-time experiment to celebrate League’s 10-year anniversary.
1 day ago