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Music Cover Competition

Create and share your cover of a selected LoL track and get it premiered at the OPL Grand Final!
16 hours ago

/dev: ARAM Changes Roundup

The good, the bad, and the Warmog’s.
1 day ago

Oceania invited to International College Cup

The winner of the Oceanic University Championship will head to Xian, China to prove their mettle against the best unis/colleges out there.
1 day ago

Rift Rivals Sydney Tickets: Discount Code

Use the code RIVALS alongside the link provided to get AUD $25 Rift Rivals tickets for the Grand Final on July 5!
1 day ago

June Early Sales: 22.6.18 – 26.6.18

We gave them real weapons: God Staff Jax and Arctic Ops Gragas are on early sale this month.
1 day ago

Video: Previously on Rift Rivals

Last year's battle for the Pacific Rift saw new rivalries form. Here's how it went down.
1 day ago

Video: Hungry Jack's Tasty Plays with Triple

Hear all about the moment Triple proved his critics, and himself, wrong.
1 day ago

It’s time for June bundles!

June bundles are here for a limited time.
2 days ago