Unlimited are the ultimate underdogs of the Oceanic Regional Finals. They were considered to have no hope of taking the last qualification spot. The common wisdom was that Villains would claim it, but Unlimited proved everyone wrong then. The question is whether they can do it all again.



You would be hard-pressed to find a jungler from Oceania with a better sense of ward control than Sybol. He prides himself on knowing what is and isn't warded and using that to set up ganks to get his laners going. Sybol also claims to have been the deadliest Karma on the server when URF mode was out.


Mid Lane

If Unlimited were a deck of cards then Azula would be the joker. The 21-year-old from Mildura, Victoria, is the one that will keep the spirits of the team high no matter the situation. He's always smiling but he's also constantly studying the tendencies of other mid-laners. Expect to see the self-proclaimed 'ridculously good looking' Azula exploit any vulnerability he discovers.


Top Lane

Skwiggle is too much like a box of chocolates to accurately describe his playstyle. You never really know what you're going to get when he hits champ select. He can play meta champions as well as a wide variety of crazy counters and champs you hardly ever see. Skwiggle prides himself on surprsing the enemy top laner and it can leave even the most wily veteran screaming for jungle help.


AD Carry

If Azula is the joker then Spoil is definitely the ace. At first glance it seems like Spoil is a passive laner but he's actually incredibly calculated. He won't hesitate for a second to go in for a trade and it's very rare for him to be caught out of position. Watch for some big-name lane opponents to start falling if they underestimate Spoil.



There is a twinkle in Moon's eye when he talks about his approach to playing support. He's always looking for the perfect moment for what he calls 'accurate aggression'. When you watch Moon lane with Spoil it's almost uncanny how fluid their movements are. Without saying anything they will both recognise the right moment to go on the attack and they usually come up with a kill.

Unlimited will be playing live on stage at Armageddon in Auckland this weekend. Catch the action live on stream from 8am AEST on Saturday.

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