New Story: Vel’Koz

Their resistance to analysis is irrelevant. Accept. Consume. Learn.
1 year ago

New Bio: Vel’Koz

The Watchers see with the Eye of the Void, and through Vel’Koz know our annihilation.
1 year ago

Purify all you survey with Arclight Vel’Koz

One eye, piercingly blue, coolly stares from behind Arclight armor. A man cowers before it.
4 years ago

Celebrate Battlecast Vel’Koz’s first victory

The first night Battlecast Vel’Koz showed himself, the Resistance lost a general to his onslaught.
5 years ago

Champion Spotlight: Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void

Watch and learn the art of knowledge through destruction in the Vel’Koz Champion Spotlight.
5 years ago

First Contact

Vel’Koz has come to Runeterra. Witness the first moments as he makes his way to the Fields of Justice.
5 years ago

The Glorious Evolution of Battlecast Vel'Koz

Captured subject suspends itself in mid-air with no wings or jet propulsion to speak of. Point lasers and other Void armaments show Battlecast potential. Subject demonstrates high levels of intelligence, but will be bent to my will.
5 years ago

Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void, revealed

The Void is preparing to spill forth its latest monstrosity: Vel’Koz. A terrifying being created for the sole purpose of learning, Vel’Koz absorbs knowledge and accrues understanding through a multitude of tests and scans. Unfortunately, those very tests, while extremely productive for Vel’Koz, have a tendency to utterly destroy his subjects.
5 years ago