Realms of Runeterra

Explore the realms of Runeterra in Riot’s first collectible narrative companion book.
4 weeks ago

/dev: Narrative in 2019

Weaving together the shiny stories and characters of Runeterra.
1 month ago

Ask Riot: TFT Ranked Rewards

Plus champion reworks, Teemo, and mail in Runeterra.
1 month ago

Ask Riot: Death Recap

Plus eras in Runeterra and eating jungle camps.
3 months ago

Ask Riot: The Client

Game pacing, pollution, and the client.
5 months ago

Patch Notes: Lore Edition

In the jungle, not all is as it seems. Is there a beast among the trees, or is the jungle itself stirring?
10 months ago

Ezreal: Short Story

What price will be paid for an ancient vial that can raise the dread lord? No seriously, how much?
1 year ago

Runeterra Map: New Locations

New points of interest—and information—have appeared on the Runeterra map for you to explore.
1 year ago

Short Story: The Void

Centuries of Shuriman rule must end. One weapon can kill their god-warriors. No cost is too great.
1 year ago

Explore Runeterra: The Void

Rupturing the world is an ancient and infinite voracity: the Void. We are forsaken. We are the feast.
1 year ago