New Epic skin: Badlands Baron Rumble

Run the wastelands as Badlands Baron Rumble, now available for 1350 RP.
1 year ago

Super Galaxy Rumble is ready to rock

Look! In the sky! It’s a dragon… It’s a cryophoenix… It’s a yordle in a mechanized suit that spits volcanic flames and rains down hyper-explosive rockets!
5 years ago

Super Galaxy Rumble prepped for combat!

The fire in a yordle’s heart never burns out.
5 years ago

Patch 3.7 notes

Break out the nerf guns and buff pads: it's time for another round of patch notes. We've packed in a handy video that covers a few of the changes, like who's been hitting the gym, who's been carrying a little too hard and exactly what we're going to do about it.
6 years ago