The Slumber Party Summoning, a Star Guardian story

Lux calls an important meeting, leading Lulu to invite some unexpected guests for a cozy night in. Pajama Guardian skins are now slumber partying it up in the League store for 1350 RP each (discounted if you own the Star Guardian skin)!
9 months ago

Ezreal: Short Story

What price will be paid for an ancient vial that can raise the dread lord? No seriously, how much?
10 months ago

Mother of Nunu, Teller of Tales

Come close, my little hero, and I will remind you why we Notai must leave as the snows settle.
11 months ago

Nunu & Willump: Stone and Magic

Can the magic entrusted to Willump save a village turned to stone? Nunu has a song that just might...
11 months ago

New Story: Vel’Koz

Their resistance to analysis is irrelevant. Accept. Consume. Learn.
12 months ago

New Bio: Vel’Koz

The Watchers see with the Eye of the Void, and through Vel’Koz know our annihilation.
1 year ago

New Bio: Lissandra

Long ago, she sacrificed her sisters to entomb infinite darkness in magical ice—ice that now melts.
1 year ago

New Story: The Eye in the Abyss

A band of Frostguard journey deep into the Howling Abyss. The Eye is upon them—and it does not blink.
1 year ago

New Bio: Nunu

The warmest of relationships, in the coldest of places.
1 year ago

New Story: Syndra—The Dreaming Pool

Ionia caged her power. Noxus threatens her homeland. Who will the Dark Sovereign rise against?
1 year ago