New Epic skins: Program Nami and LeBlanc

Secure the future as Program Nami and LeBlanc for 1350 RP each.
1 year ago

Surviving in Noxus /dev diary

Whren and Ant in Oz take you to Runeterra’s most brutal region: Noxus.
1 year ago

Stand with Noxus, and be remembered forever

Crushed and forgotten are those who stand against Noxus. But for those who seek triumph and glory...
1 year ago

Ask Riot: Religion and Leblanc

Religion in Runeterra, an update on Leblanc, and Cassiopeia's lack of shoes.
1 year ago

Enchant and deceive

Answer me this.
3 years ago

Ravenborn LeBlanc invades the abyss

Cloaked in ebon feathers, a figure glides through the black mist, ghostly tendrils recoiling before every step.
5 years ago