/dev: Changes to Eternals

We heard your feedback and we’re making some adjustments.
22 hours ago

9.16: Lore Update

In this lore update we’re introducing Pantheon: The Unbreakable Spear.
1 week ago

Lux Issue #4

Sylas’ master plan is revealed! But is it too late for a guilt-ridden Lux to turn the tide?
1 week ago

/dev: Exploring Eternals

The design philosophy and goals of Leagues' latest feature, Eternals.
1 week ago

/dev: State of Modes

The future of TFT, ARURF, Nexus Blitz, ARAM, Twisted Treeline, and more.
3 weeks ago

9.14: Lore Update

We’re back to Ixtal to learn more about Qiyana and Malphite in this week’s Lore Update!
1 month ago

Lux Issue #3

If saving Sylas means exposing her powers, will Lux dare risk her own future to save a criminal?
1 month ago

/dev: Life of a Patch

What goes into a League of Legends patch?
1 month ago

/dev: Ranked Teamfight Tactics

How does it work? What are the rewards? How long until I get Challenger?
1 month ago

Event Trailer: Arcade 2019

Become ULTRA with animated emotes, Arcade chromas, and Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition. Power up with the 2019 Arcade Pass to earn these prizes at hyper speed.
2 months ago