Elementalist Lux cosplay showcase

Cosplayers across the globe teamed up to tackle all ten of Elementalist Lux’s forms. Check it out here!
2 years ago

Announcing the Ocean Week contest winners!

Here are the top 10 Ocean Week artworks and cosplays as voted by you.
3 years ago

Share your Winter Wonderland cosplay photos!

Snowdown is almost upon us. Fire up those sewing machines and let the costume be born.
3 years ago

Meet the fans in London

With Worlds 2015 arriving in London, we head out into the cold to meet the fans before the Fnatic-EDG match.
3 years ago

Cosplayers, the World Championship challenge is here!

As the best League players arrive in Europe for Worlds, we're looking for the best World Championship cosplay to match.
3 years ago

Check out the Pool Party cosplay gallery!

Enemies on the Rift, friends around the pool. These cosplayers threw parties to show what their favourite champions get up to during the, uh, summoner holidays.
3 years ago

OPL Final 2015 Cosplay

Check out some of the cosplay highlights from Luna Park!
4 years ago

Cosplayers, the Pool Party challenge is here!

Take a dynamic, splash-art inspired photo where it looks like everyone’s just been caught in the middle of having an epic pool party.
4 years ago

Check out the Friends and Foes cosplay gallery!

Keep friends close and enemies guessing. These cosplayers have paired up to showcase their favourite champions in two ways: either as friends and allies, or as sworn enemies on the Rift.
4 years ago

Cosplayers, pair up and decide: are you friends or foes?

For the next cosplay roundup, we want to see you bring champion relationships to life, either in friendship or faceoff. Maybe it’s Azir confronting his once-trusted advisor Xerath over his betrayal. Or Ashe and Tryndamere sharing a meaningful gaze seconds before they charge into battle. We can’t wait to see your cosplay group shots!
4 years ago