First week of Clash regional tests wrap up

The first round of Clash tests have wrapped up. Find out how they went and which regions are next.
8 months ago

Help us test Clash this weekend

Clash is heading to OCE for a one day test. Get a team together, help us break Clash, and earn rewards. Find out how to participate!
9 months ago

Clash: August 2018 update

Clash is heading back to PBE for three focused tests. We’re implementing a staggered scouting phase to spread out game starts, running through an optimised game flow, and testing out new tools to recover games.
11 months ago

/dev: The Future of Clash

Clash is delayed. Let’s talk about what’s next.
1 year ago

Come play 1 day of Clash on its road to relaunch

A true one-dayer, ready your team for the 4-team bracket this Tuesday, June 5.
1 year ago

ARURF Weekend Begins

Clash weekend is cancelled. We’re all still here so let’s play some ARURF.
1 year ago

Experience Demacia

Competitive spirit runs deep in League and we’re uncovering it faction by faction with Clash. The first Clash tournament honours Demacia, a proud land sheltered from the wild magic that once threatened to end all life in Runeterra.
1 year ago

Find a team for Clash on!

Even a solo Vayne needs a team for Clash. Sort through players and assemble the team of your dreams.
1 year ago

Clash Trailer: Fight as Five. Win as One.

Battle for the trophy in Clash, League’s new tournament mode for teams. Team up and crush enemies in single-elimination matches for glory and rewards. Assemble your team now. Tournaments begin May 25.
1 year ago


Everything you need to know to crush your competition in Clash, League’s new tournament mode for teams.
1 year ago