Whether celebrating pentakills and promo wins, or agonizing together over a streak-busting throw, League is better with friends. So we're adding a trio of new features during the 2016 season to help you build and join communities of like-minded players, make it easier for premades hitting the rift, and help everyone keep in touch while afk with a new League chat app for iOS and Android.

Clubs, Parties and the League Friends app are foundational features. This means that while their official launch is early next year, we're going to be building them up and working on them throughout the 2016 season.


Clubbing it Up

Clubs are player-named (names must be unique), player-organized, and player-controlled social groups. The idea is to help you grow the amount of available friends at any given time so you can head to the Rift with the right teammates, every game.

Out the gate, each club provides a persistent chat room that lives across login sessions for all clubmates. This social hub facilitates friendships and naturally provides a place to organize games. Club leaders wield a full set of moderation tools, allowing them to invite or kick members at any time. Leaders can share the management burden, unlocking invite and kick powers for chosen officers. At launch, clubs max out at 50 members, but we'll likely increase that number over time.

Find the Right Friends

What's in a club? Well, that's entirely up to you. From esports fans to collegiate gamers, clubs can form around just about anything. And as a bonus, you can rep your club on the Rift with tags attached to your summoner name. Just as a note: because you can be a part of multiple clubs at the same time, there'll be a way to swap which tag you sport in-game.


Group Queue Faster

Parties simplify the way small groups of friends stick together between games. Have some basics:

One player hosts a party, inviting friends to a group chat that persists through games, but not login sessions. With a party set up, the party leader goes through the normal flow of starting a game and then every player in the party queues up together. After the game parties stick together, keep their group chat, and can easily hit the Rift all over again.

Open or Closed

Parties are open by default, meaning friends will see your party in their friends list, know you're looking for people to play with and be able to join you with just a few clicks. Party leaders can close parties too, making them invite-only.

League Friends App

The League Friends app is now available! Learn more here.

League is better when you play with friends; it should be as easy as possible to hit up your pals and organize a game. Enter the League of Legends Friends mobile app.

The app makes your League friends list truly mobile, so you can always yell at your ranked team's jungler—whether he's ganking bot lane from the river, or off fishing in an IRL river. Here's a few reasons to get excited:

Connect With Friends Whenever, Wherever

Use the League Friends app to hit up your buddies for a match any time they're available—even before they've booted up their rig. The app syncs your conversations from any device, so you can keep up the team trash talk long after smashing the enemy nexus.

Never Miss A Match

It's a lot easier to organize your team games when everybody is online. Optional push notifications ensure that you'll get the message when your squad feels a late-night itch for a 5v5.

What's In Store

Like we mentioned up top, Clubs, Parties, and the Friends app are early efforts that we plan to ramp up significantly. Clubs can look toward a future of challenges that clubmates can only face together and search functionality is also in the cards, which should help players without a huge friends list find clubs to join.

The League Friends app is available (totally free) for Android and iOS right now. You can expect it to keep evolving over time, supporting features like Parties and Clubs when they become available.