Which countries does the Oceanic platform support?

The Oceanic platform currently supports the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Guam
  • New Caledonia
  • French Polynesia
  • Fiji
  • Northern Mariana Islands

 Just remember that we’re always working to bring local support to new countries in regions across the globe, so new countries might join Oceania in the future.

Will I keep my ranked standing (tier and division) when I transfer to Oceania?

Your placement after seeding in a new region is based on your ranked MMR from your previous platform. We take this MMR and look at how it fits relative to the players on the platform you are transferring to after your first game to determine where to place you.

 This means that though most people should end up roughly where they were before the transfer, some people will end up higher, and some will end up lower depending on how you compare to other players in the region. So while rare, it is possible for a player to drop a division or potentially a tier depending on their MMR.

You’ll still have one placement match before you’re officially placed into a league, but your prior ranked standing will be the key determiner.

Will I keep my runes and masteries?

Yep! You’ll keep your full rune inventory along with all your rune and mastery presets.

What happens if someone already has my Summoner Name?

If your Summoner Name on Oceania is taken you will be prompted to change it to a new one.

Will my rewards from past Seasons (forums, banners, skins, etc.) transfer with me?

When you transfer to a new platform you’ll keep all the in-client rewards you earned in previous seasons. Unfortunately, your forum badges won’t carry over to the new boards.

What happens to my honor and ribbons when I transfer?

You earn ribbons for being one of the most honorable members of the community, so you’ll have to earn new ribbons when you transfer to a new platform.

Will ranked teams transfer? What happens to my league stats for ranked teams?

Unfortunately, your ranked teams and league stats can’t come with you to the Oceanic platform. You’ll have to leave your ranked team and reform them once your transfer’s complete.

Will previous season stats still be available?

You’ll keep your takedowns, monster and minion kills, and wins, but your match history, league stats and honor will reset when you transfer.

What payment methods are available on the Oceania platform?

The following payment methods are available to use on the Oceania platform:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Ukash
  • Mobile Payment (Boku)
  • Prepaid RP Cards