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Pomega Squad Mini Plush Pack

Inspired by the Omega Squad team that defended Bandle City from harm, these poros took up the mantle to ensure all poros across Runeterra are forever safe from any danger.
1 month ago

Beemo Plush

“That’s gotta sting!” Beemo flies into Runterran gardens as an adorable plush.
1 month ago

RIP Teemo Limited Team Mini

This Limited Edition RIP Teemo is here to help you commemorate the overwhelming joyous feeling of defeating a Teemo. Sorry Teemo mains.
2 months ago

Yordle Team Minis Set

The Yordles of Runeterra come together to show everyone who's boss as #07 in the Team Minis line.
2 months ago

Arcade Team Minis Into The Vault

The heroes of the Arcade World will go into the vault on July 15th, 2019. Grab them before they arent seen again for some time.
2 months ago

Arcade Ezreal Mousepad

"To save video games, he had to become video games. Ezreal is... Video games." High-quality mousepad with an anti-slip bottom featuring Arcade Ezreal's splash art.
2 months ago

Arcade Kai'Sa Series 3 Figure

"Stay with me, and we live." Arcade Kai'Sa dashes into the Arcade World as a Series 3 Special Edition figure #015.
2 months ago

Catling Collectible Plush

"Away, my catling!" Meowkai brings some of his adorable friends to the plush line.
2 months ago

Pool Party Pin Pack

It's pool party time! Grab Leona's Surfboard, Lulu's Squid-Hat, and the "Shell-Shocked" Crab Emote in this Limited Edition set of enamel pins.
2 months ago

Pool Party Renekton Team Mini

Limited Edition Pool Party Renekton is ready to solo anyone who dares mess with his beach.
3 months ago