New flexible cost bundles and retiring skins

By Udyr


Craving something new at champ select? Get fed on these limited time bundles. They're flexible in cost, meaning the final bundle price will automatically adjust to reflect only what's new to your collection.


  • Pentakill Bundle – 50% off 4650 2325 RP (4345 RP if you need the champions)

The biggest band on Runeterra is going on tour and ticket prices have just been slashed. Olaf rejects rumors that the band has sold out, saying everything they do is “strictly for the fans, man.”

o   Skins included:

1.      Pentakill Karthus

2.      Pentakill Mordekaiser

3.      Pentakill Olaf

4.      Pentakill Sona

5.      Pentakill Yorick

o   Champions included:

1.      Karthus

2.      Mordekaiser

3.      Olaf

4.      Sona

5.      Yorick


  • Ranged Rovers – 25% off – 4780 3585 RP

Is your AD champ pool more kiddie than Olympic? Snag this bundle to ensure your opponents are always in over their heads.

o   Champions

1.      Quinn

2.      Draven

3.      Varus

4.      Graves

5.      Vayne


  • Pretty in Pink – 40% off3445 2067 RP (4116 RP with champions included)

Pink isn't only for yordles and wards, just ask Taric and his outrageous fuzzy pink boots.

o   Skins included:

1.      Sewn Chaos Orianna

2.      Bittersweet Lulu

3.      Dynasty Ahri

4.      Armor of the Fifth Age Taric

o   Champions included:

1.      Orianna

2.      Lulu

3.      Ahri

4.      Taric


  • Good Night, Sweet Skins Bundle  3740 935 RP (3000 RP with champions included)

We've bundled up a group of skins for one last hurrah before they head into the legacy vault. These skins are only available until 4:59 PM EST on July 17, after which they'll be removed from the store. Get them while you can! The champions themselves will of course fight on in the Fields of Justice.

o   Skins included (75% off):

1.      Caterpillar Kog'Maw

2.      Sailor Gangplank

3.      Hextech Galio

4.      Muse Sona

5.      Molten Rammus

o   Champions included (50% off):

1.      Kog'Maw

2.      Gangplank

3.      Galio

4.      Sona

5.      Rammus


Grab these bundles before the sale ends on July 17 at 4:59 PM EST!

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