Get Special Xayah and Rakan Icons When They Launch

By Cactopus

Here's a quick heads up that we'll be running a DOUBLE IP WEEKEND from 17:01 April 21 to 16:59 April 24 AEST. We've also created two unique summoner icons which will only be unlockable for the first week after the vastayan duo hits the Rift.

Gift of Magic Icon

Unlike other champs, Xayah and Rakan can be gifted using IP between April 20-27! Gift Xayah or Rakan to a friend for just 6300 IP (normally 7800 IP) and unlock an exclusive Summoner Icon for yourself (also works if you gift using RP).

Blazing Feathers Icon

Earn a special summoner icon by bringing Xayah and Rakan together on the Rift. To qualify, play two games as Xayah with Rakan on your team, or as Rakan with Xayah on your team. Any completed normal, ranked, or bot game mode will count (custom games excluded).

NOTE: Both unlockable Summoner Icons can only be earned between 1:05 April 20 and 16:59 April 27 AEST. The icons will be granted within two weeks after the promotion ends.

8 months ago

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