Champion & Skin Sale: Retaliation

By Miss Fortune


  • You slowly awake in a dark, damp room. Thick, smoky air floats by the few shafts of sunlight that have slipped past a boarded window. The unmistakable clack of stilettos against concrete gets louder with each strut as Mafia Miss Fortune slowly comes into focus. 487 RP

Feeling better? It might take a while. We knocked you pretty hard on the head. You've got dangerous eyes, summoner, and I like that. However, I'm still figuring out where your loyalties lie. Fortune doesn't favor fools, so answer truthfully. Are you working for the Twitch family?

  • No, hmm? That's the answer you're going with. If you'd like to get pulverized by Longhorn Alistar a few more times, that's your call. We're trying to make things easy here. 260 RP
  • Yes? Much better. It's a shame that Emumu already blew your cover as a Twitch family operative. All your secrets spilled on the floor just like his salty tears. 487 RP

  • Do you know what we did with the last traitor caught? Little Lulu loved her cupcakes… such a shame we had to torch her favorite bakery. Such a shame… 487 RP
  • And Heimerdinger? He was letting that rat operate out the back of his workshop while he pushed counterfeit Trinity Forces on would-be champions. Tons of mistakes, but we took care of the situation. With bullets. Lots of bullets. 395 RP

This time, summoner… this time you go free. But don't forget to deliver Twitch a message from me: we're coming for you, and no amount of poison, stealth, smart pinging or spraying and praying will stop us from shutting you down.

  • Miss Fortune carefully aims her guns in your direction before firing two perfectly-placed bullets that unravel the rope bindings holding you in place. With one last “hmmph,” she struts out of view. 440 RP

The Fortune family is keeping tabs on you. These champions and skins will be on sale from March 29 to April 1, so grab them before Miss Fortune changes her mind and comes for you.


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6 years ago

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