Champion & skin sale: Freljordarod

By Sejuani


  • Summoners, the race begins! Champions the world over have assembled in our frozen domain to compete in the Freljordarod, a thousand-mile journey across the harshest regions of Runeterra. I'm Darkrider Sejuani, and I intend to win. 487 RP


  • My toughest competition will be Freljord Ashe. What she lacks in speed she more than makes up for with her scouting. Bristle has been trained to trample the Frost Archer if she comes close. 260 RP


  • Warrior Princess Sivir makes some serious tracks in the tundra. No doubt she'll be on the hunt for stragglers to remove them from the race. Thankfully, I never straggle. 260 RP


  • Katarina, the fool. The tundra's no place for her. She might make minced meat out of champions on the fields, but here I reign supreme. She won't make it a mile. 395 RP


  • Now here's an entrant I'd never have expected – Dr. Mundo assured the rest of the competitors that running in the race was a lifelong ambition. I truly hope that goal doesn't involve first place. 292 RP


  • A late entry! Hecarim will be a problem in the straights. No matter – my command of the cold will stop him in his tracks. To which Zaunite glue factory am I shipping this carcass? 487 RP


The Freljordarod lasts from May 14 to May 17. After that, I shall be declared the race's winner and you'll know the true ferocity of the Winter's Claw!

6 years ago

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