Most Recent Special Event News

Snowdown incoming

Gather your friends, for Snowdown draws near!
4 years ago

Updated Summoner’s Rift Q&A

Check out the Updated Summoner’s Rift Q&A with Riot Tokkelossie on the forums.
5 years ago

First light after the Harrowing

Though the Black Mist fades and the souls it claimed will soon forget their past, the threat of the fell tide will not be forgotten.
5 years ago

The Harrowing passes soon

You’ve nearly survived the Black Mist.
5 years ago

No one escapes the Harrowing

The Black Mist comes ashore, Hexakill hits the Treeline and new skins walk the Rift.
5 years ago

See the complete Shurima saga

Read the epilogue and learn how Shurima’s return changes Runeterra forever.
5 years ago

Shurima event ends September 21

When the sun sets on September 21, the Shurima event and special sales will end. Ascension will remain active until the next patch so earn your rewards while you can!
5 years ago

Shurima: Rise of the Ascended

An emperor returns, and with him, his empire.
5 years ago

Shurima: Earn your rewards

Track your Ascension progress and redeem exclusive Shuriman icons here!
5 years ago

Shurima: What lies beneath the sands?

The first episode of the Shurima saga, the Ascension game mode and the new Kha’Zix skin are live!
5 years ago