Most Recent Special Event News

Arcade 2017 | Gameplay Trailer

GAME OVER. It’s music to their ears.
4 months ago

Learn More: Arcade Boss World Event

It’s an Arcade Boss World, and everyone else is just playing in it. Get all the info you need on dates, missions, loot rewards, crafting, and passes for the upcoming event.
4 months ago

VS. is over. The world begins again under...

You can now read the conclusion to the Unto Darkness, Unto Light comic and craft your Victor’s Emblem into the reigning side’s icon.
5 months ago

VS. Ending Soon

Play missions, craft event-exclusive loot, and help determine a victor before VS. ends.
5 months ago

OCE Platform Maintenance

OCE servers will be down Wednesday May 10 between 1am and 6am AEST
7 months ago

Koi Nami Icon now available

Catch the Koi Nami Ocean Week icon in the store!
9 months ago

Blitzcrank’s Fleshling Compatibility Service

Find out which champ is your soulmate with help from the ultimate matchmaker: Blitzcrank.
9 months ago

The Hunt of the Blood Moon

Blood in the heavens. Blood on the earth.
10 months ago

Hunt of the Blood Moon

The Blood Moon cometh! Sacrifice your enemies, become a master assassin.
10 months ago

Lunar Revel 2017 ending soon

Celebrate the dawn of a new year with these tokens of good fortune and relics from the past.
10 months ago