VS. Ending Soon

By kantayams

VS. is almost over; don’t miss your chance to play event-only missions, earn exclusive rewards, and affect how the story ends. Learn more here.

During VS. you can:

Complete daily missions to earn tokens: Start by winning any matchmade game to claim your starting icons. Then complete daily missions with any Order or Chaos icon equipped to earn Order or Chaos Tokens. Missions expire 30/6/17 16:59 AEST.

Use tokens to craft exclusive loot: Forge tokens into event-exclusive Chaos and Order rewards such as icons, emotes, and loading screen borders. After the VS. Event ends on 30/6/17 16:59 AEST, you’ll have until 25/7/17 16:59 AEST to craft leftover tokens into rewards or batches of Blue Essence (every 10 tokens = 10 Blue Essence). If you don’t craft the tokens by the deadline, they will disappear.

Go further with VS. Passes: VS. Passes grant crafting materials, loot (including an orb with a chance to drop loot-exclusive skin shards), double the tokens from missions, and exclusive mission lines with direct paths to a guaranteed gemstone. Passes expire on 30/6/17 16:59 AEST.

Will the darkness of Chaos reign, or will the light of Order triumph? None can escape destiny, but you can determine it.

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