Trials: Three Days Left

By Bilby

There’s three days remaining in the Trials house competition. Here are our current overall standings:

1st: United - 45

2nd: Warband - 43

3rd: Council - 42

4th: Faceless - 42

Earn points for yourself and your house through missions and MSI watch rewards until June 3, 2019, at 16:59 p.m. AEST. The current missions have the highest point value of any in the event (check the Event Article for the full list of Trials missions).

Remember: Only missions that show your house icon count towards your house’s progress. Missions from the Trials Pass won’t count towards the competition, and points awarded increase each week so everyone has the chance for a comeback.

At the end of the event, everyone in the winning house will receive a permanent golden house emote. Players in that house will also retain their house spawn animations for a period of time after the event.

Good luck.

5 months ago

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