Team Up Week’s a wrap

By Riot NaKyle

Update - Party IP Weekend start and end times have been updated.

During Team Up Week, the community came together, partying up and giving gifts to hit 45.3 million, good enough to reach level 5. Head below to find a big list of everything you earned, and when you can expect it.

Level 1:

  • Team Up IP rewards were on for most of last week and wrapped at the end of Team Up Week.

Level 2:

  • All sales unlocked from 26/06 - 02/07.
    • Pool Party Palooza bundle featuring all Pool Party content
    • Frozen Pool Party bundle with Poro Rider Sejuani, Winter Wonder Orianna, and Snow Day Malzahar
    • 50% off the original Pool Party skins & champs (RP price)
    • 25% off ARAM skin boost
    • Team up & Tee up sale: all shirts $17.50 USD (30% off) at Riot Merch

Level 3:

  • Pool Party Icon
    • Unlocked by 16:59 AEST on the 28/06 for all eligible players
    • You must have contributed points during Team Up Week to unlock the icon
    • You must have played positively from February to now to unlock the icon
  • Mystery Champion
    • Mystery Champion unlocked by 16:59 AEST on the 02/07 for all eligible players
    • You must link your Facebook and League accounts to unlock the Mystery Champ; Here’s how

Level 4:

  • Every lane’s a luau with Pool Party minions; they’ll make a splash for all of patch 5.12

Level 5:

  • It’s not just a Pool Party, it’s a Party IP Weekend from 17:01 AEST on 26/06 - 16:59 AEST on 29/06

That’s it! Thanks so much for teaming up. Enjoy the Pool Party!

4 years ago

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