Proximity Chat comes to Voice

By The Hanshmear

Playing League with friends recently got boosted with the introduction of Open Parties and Voice, but now it’s time to boost the boosted with proximity chat!

Are you tired of typing “/all” whenever you need to productively chat to the opposing team? Or is the Sad Kitten emote not enough to express your utter shame when the enemy Singed just. won’t. die? Never fear! These days of pain are now a thing of the past. From today, you’ll be able to speak to your friends – and those opponents brave enough to get close to you – until your heart’s content.

Battle Radius

As a rule: we want League of Legends to feel as realistic as possible. If your foes are conspiring nearby – why wouldn’t you hear them? If a hunter is coming for you – shouldn’t you know? To this end, we've made the listen distance of Proximity Chat has roughly the same radius as a vision ward (300 radius) – allowing for some truly unique experiences.

Always On

In order to reduce the amounts of button pushes distracting you from making those pro plays, Proximity Chat won’t hassle you with “push to talk” functionality – it’s always on! This will allow you to keep your head in the game, not on your keyboard. If something goes wrong? It’s on you.

Clearer Communication

Teams generally work better together when they have constant communication, so it makes sense to extend this to the entire map. With all teams talking at once, this should increase team synergy and let those big plays come out.

What moments are you most looking forward to with Proximity Chat? Stand a little closer and tell us in the comments. No, closer than that…. closerrr.

1 year ago

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