ARURF Weekend Begins

By The Hanshmear

Hey all,

Obviously Clash's opening weekend was a bust. This is in no way a one-for-one replacement, but we’re turning on ARURF globally for the rest of the weekend.

We realise this isn’t the same sort of competitive experience that you were expecting this weekend, but we wanted to offer something in the interim that we could quickly hotfix up to a playable standard while we work out our next steps for the players affected by Clash's cancellation. As ARURF is one of our most requested modes, we hope this will bring some respite to an otherwise rough weekend.

To be clear, working out what caused Clash to fail and how we're going to fix it is our main priority. We're not done with the discussion yet, and we're weighing options on next steps for affected players.

Heads up: There are likely gonna be bugs and some weird interactions as we haven’t had a huge amount of time to test on this patch, so we might be disabling some runes and champs pretty early on.

We’ll have more information regarding the next steps for Clash in the coming days.

1 year ago

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