The Tribunal in OCE

By Lyte

We want to share our vision for the Tribunal system in Oceania, what we’ve learned over the last few years and what changes we’ll be making moving forward.

Before introducing the Tribunal in OCE, we need to make sure the system is optimally equipped with features to ensure it can combat unsportsmanlike behavior in game. We know that the Tribunal is a powerful way for the community to decide what behaviors are acceptable during a League of Legends match. However, the Tribunal’s main weakness is the speed of its feedback loops. It might take a month or more to feel the consequence of an action, making the Tribunal less effective than it could be.

We’re going to taking the Tribunal down in all regions where it exists to upgrade the system to ensure players who deserve punishments receive them much faster than they currently do. We’ll also be adding the ability to review and reward players who exemplify the best sportsmanship in League of Legends. Once the upgrade is complete, we will roll out the new version of the Tribunal to Oceania.

In the meantime, the systems in place in Oceania will hand out restricted chat punishments and game bans more rapidly so players will be banned or placed into restricted chat mode within a few hours of their negative behavior. Improvements to another system, LeaverBuster, will tune and upgrade its ability to address ranked play, ensuring aggressive and severe consequences to maintain the competitive, sportsmanlike spirit of the mode.

To sum everything up: we want to spotlight and encourage positive behavior through the Tribunal as well as improve the speed of the system instead of releasing the current version of the Tribunal to all regions. We’re upgrading the Tribunal and will continue to use systems like Restricted Chat and an enhanced LeaverBuster until the updated system is ready to be rolled out globally. Share your feedback and your questions below, and we’ll see you in game!

5 years ago

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