Patch 9.13 notes

By Aether, shio shoujo

Hey tacticians! Who's ready for some Teamfight Tactics?

Patch 9.13 marks the official launch of the long-awaited game mode and we will begin rolling-out to regions all over the world starting today. We'll be continuously updating and building it with you, so please let us know if you have any feedback and report bugs as you see them!

We're welcoming Qiyana to the Rift as well. The Empress of the Elements is sure to tickle the bones of those who love playing quick and high-damage assassins.

We also want to give a shout out to those who've been following the Life of a Patch campaign with the balance team! It was great pulling back the curtain on the champion balancing process and giving a more in depth runthrough of how and why we make the buffs and nerfs we do. Those who kept an eye on the Nexus hub with the live champion iterations won't be surprised at the changes to Illaoi, Pyke, and Udyr, and Sona nerfs (sob) listed below.

P.S. Grumps is the best Little Legend. You know which one we mean.
Hanna “shio shoujo” Woo Paul "Aether" Perscheid

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Mid-Patch Updates

12/7/2019 Karthus Bugfix


R - REQUIEM BUGFIX Champions in an untargetable state are now properly unaffected by R - Requiem's damage

3/7/2019 Qiyana Bugfix


Q - EDGE OF IXTAL STEALTH BUGFIX Qiyana is no longer locked out of auto-attacking after stealthing from a Grass-enchanted Q - Edge of Ixtal

2/7/2019 Qiyana and Kha'Zix Bugfixes


Q - TASTE THEIR FEAR BUGFIX Kha'Zix's Isolated target effect now properly applies to all champions


Q - EDGE OF IXTAL BUGFIX Qiyana no longer gets stuck aiming at the same target for the rest of the game

28/6/2019 Diana Bugfixes


R+Q BUGFIX Diana is no longer able to use R - Lunar Rush a third time when Moonlight is applied to two enemy players via her Q - Crescent Strike
ATTACK SPEED BUGFIX Diana no longer gets additional attack speed when she performs any non-basic action like Recalling or activating an item

27/6/2019 Responsiveness Pass and Rammus Bugfix

As a part of our Responsiveness Pass for Jarvan IV, Kennen, and Tryndamere, certain abilities were rescripted to feel snappier. However, the range on those abilities were incorrectly increased, so we've gone back and returned them to their proper values.
RANGE UPDATE Jarvan IV's E - Demacian Standard > Q - Dragon Strike, Kennen's E - Lightning Rush, and Tryndamere's E - Spinning Slash now have their proper ranges


HUNTER'S TALISMAN BUGFIX Rammus' W - Defensive Ball Curl and his Passive - Spiked Shell's empowered damage now properly procs Hunter's Talisman

26/6/2019 Jarvan IV Bugfix

Jarvan IV

E+Q BUGFIX Jarvan IV now properly knocks up jungle monsters or minions when he uses his E - Demacian Standard + Q - Dragon Strike combo

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Patch Highlights

Qiyana, Arcade Caitlyn, Arcade Kai'Sa, Battle Boss Qiyana, Battle Boss Yasuo, and Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition will be available on June 29, 2019.

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Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics will be coming in 9.13 to players all over the world! Play against seven opponents in a free-for-all race to build a powerful team that fights on your behalf and be the last one standing.

As a reminder, the mode is still in beta! Players may experience bugs during their time in Teamfight Tactics, but we'd appreciate reports as well as general feedback on it. We're here to build this new mode with you.

We'll also be monitoring server health throughout its run in 9.13 and make note of potential balance changes based on what we see and hear from you. For more information, please check out the official Teamfight Tactics website!

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Empress of the Elements

Qiyana arrives to conquer the Rift on June 29!
  • Champion Teaser
  • Champion Trailer
  • Champion Theme
  • Universe Hub
  • Ixtal Faction Hub
  • High-res versions of Qiyana's splash arts are available on League Displays!


    R ammo bar now reads left-to-right. The Package ARAM timers adjusted.

    For ARAM enthusiasts, we've adjusted Corki's Package timers on the Howling Abyss to give him more chances to hit his opponents with a Special Delivery. For Corki fans of all stripes, we've adjusted how his ammo bar tracks missiles: The leftmost missile is now the next to fire. Since Corki's ammo is still attached to the left of his health bar, this means the next missile no longer moves when Corki gets another charge, making it easier to know at a glance if the next missile is a Big One.

    Passive - Hextech Munitions

    ARAM PACKAGE COOLDOWN 240 seconds 150 seconds

    R - Missile Barrage

    AMMO BAR Left missile is now always the next to fire, with new charges loading in from the right


    Q QoL changes.

    We've recoded Diana’s Q so it feels better when casting. Most of the improvements are pretty subtle, so we've listed a couple of the more explicit upgrades here to make sure you know about 'em.

    Q - Crescent Strike

    TIP OF THE MOONBERG Tip of Diana's Crescent Strike arc now reveals Fog of War for a short duration
    MOONLIGHT SONATA Crescent Strike casts more consistently aim toward the cursor
    CRASH LANDING Crescent Strike travels slightly faster


    W minimum damage added; also applies to turrets. Tentacles disappear faster when Illaoi leaves. E Spirit and Vessel duration decreased; time between Tentacle attacks decreased. R Tentacle cap increased.

    We're hitting two octopi with one tentacle and buffing Illaoi while also modernizing the way her abilities work. She should feel a lot better to play and stronger in general when you add up all the smaller QoL changes and buffs.

    Passive - Prophet of an Elder God

    newTENTACLE AP RATIO 0.4 ability power
    removedTMI Tentacles will no longer go into an idle state when Illaoi is not around to command them
    newTICK TOCK Illaoi can now ping Prophet of an Elder God's cooldown to her team
    BYE Tentacles despawn after Illaoi has left the area for 60 seconds 30 seconds
    FOG OF WAR Enemies gain vision of Tentacles through Fog of War within 1400 range 1000 range
    BUGFIX Enemy champions no longer globally get vision of attacking Tentacles
    BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Tentacle slams that were mid-flight when Illaoi died dealt no damage

    W - Harsh Lesson

    newMINIMUM DAMAGE 20/30/40/50/60
    newKICK IT INTO OVERDRIVE Minimum damage is dealt as bonus damage to turrets

    E - Test of Spirit

    removedREDUCED SPIRIT DURATION Spirit duration is no longer reduced each time Illaoi is damaged by the target
    BASE SPIRIT DURATION 10 seconds 7 seconds
    BASE VESSEL DURATION 12 seconds 10 seconds
    TIME BETWEEN TENTACLE ATTACKS Once every 10 seconds at all levels Once every 5/4/3 seconds (levels 1/7/13)

    R - Leap of Faith

    MAXIMUM SUMMONS 5 Tentacles 6 Tentacles
    LENIENCY Leap of Faith Tentacles no longer despawn mid-attack if Illaoi commands them to slam with Harsh Lesson


    E movement speed duration decreased.

    Karma definitely had room for some power heading into 9.12, but we went too hard. We're pulling her buffs back a touch.

    E - Inspire

    MOVEMENT SPEED DURATION 2.5 seconds 1.5 seconds


    Q damage ratio increased.

    Helping Ornn battle more in lane.

    Q - Volcanic Rupture

    RATIO 1.0 attack damage 1.1 attack damage


    Q cooldown decreased early; stab damage bonus removed. W movement speed now scales. E no longer damages non-champions.

    We're targeting solo lane Pyke because his strong anti-harass tools make him an impossible-to-avoid death trap if he gets too far ahead. To help curb that, we're specifically hitting his wave clear.

    Q - Bone Skewer

    STAB TARGETING AoE (30% reduced damage on non-champions) Single target (hits nearest unit, preferring nearest champion)
    removedBONUS STAB DAMAGE Bone Skewer's stab cast no longer deals 15% bonus damage
    COOLDOWN 14/12.5/11/9.5/8 seconds 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

    W - Ghostwater Dive

    MOVEMENT SPEED 40% (decaying over 5 seconds) 40/45/50/55/60% (decaying over 5 seconds)

    E - Phantom Undertow

    removedMINION & MONSTER DAMAGE Phantom Undertow no longer damages non-champions


    Health growth decreased. W second cast damage ratio decreased.

    The last time Sejuani was buffed was right before MSI in patch 9.8. Since then, she has climbed from a fringe pro pick to being in nearly 100% of pro games. While the buff was intended to let Sejuani scale better with items, we went too far, so we’re pulling back a bit.

    Base Stats

    HEALTH GROWTH 105 95

    W - Winter's Wrath

    SECOND CAST DAMAGE RATIO 6% Sejuani's maximum health 5.25% Sejuani's maximum health


    Attack damage growth, mana regen decreased. W cost increased.

    We went a little lighter on Sivir because (spoiler alert) the Essence Reaver nerfs going live this patch will undoubtedly affect her. We’re mainly targeting her early game pressure through W's mana change and applying #cleannumbers to some base stats (less for the minimal balance impact, more because weird decimals are unsightly).

    Base Stats

    MANA REGEN 8.012 8

    W - Ricochet

    COST 60 mana 75 mana


    Q aura damage ratio decreased. E bonus movement speed ratio decreased.

    (A note from Shio Shoujo: Y'all knew it was coming. We're nerfing my baby girl.)

    While it may seem like we're doing this just because of the in-vogue bot lane Sona, she's been extremely close to our thresholds for acceptable win rates (outlined in our Balance Framework that you should go read if you haven't already) in solo queue for awhile and is the most commonly banned bot lane champion in pro play right now.

    We're also seeing more than just Sona with Taric, mind you. We're seeing Sona and Tahm Kench, Sona and Pyke, etc. which points toward specifically nerfing her rather than Taric. To be clear, we're not explicitly trying to kill Sona + XX bot lanes: Even if she were a standard bot carry, she'd still be deserving of a nerf on multiple fronts.

    Q - Hymn of Valor

    AURA DAMAGE RATIO 0.3 ability power 0.2 ability power

    E - Song of Celerity

    BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED RATIO 6% movement speed per 100 ability power 3% movement speed per 100 ability power


    Base attack damage, health growth increased. W base damage increased.

    We're giving Sylas longer-term attention as we assess his status in higher levels of play. In the meantime, we're giving him some power back.

    Base Stats


    W - Kingslayer

    BASE DAMAGE 60/90/120/150/180 65/100/135/170/205

    E - Abscond/Abduct

    BUGFIX Tooltip now properly mentions all mana scaling per rank information


    Mana growth increased.

    Syndra's currently not a must-pick in higher levels of play like she has been in the past, so we want to take this opportunity to boost her a little in an attempt to make her more viable across all skill brackets where players are more likely to run into mana issues.

    Base Stats

    MANA GROWTH 30 40


    Attack damage growth, mana increased; mana regen decreased. W damage increased.

    Cleaning up her base stats and giving her a minor buff for when she opts into a more aggressive playstyle.

    Base Stats

    MANA 246.76 250
    MANA REGEN 7.206 7.2

    W - Rocket Jump

    MAGIC DAMAGE 85/135/185/235/285 95/145/185/245/295


    All abilities can now be leveled to rank 6.

    We're looking to bring some balance to Udyr's stances and playstyles so he's not overwhelmingly choosing one over the others. Plus he'll now have some useful points to spend at later levels.

    Passive - Monkey's Agility

    newABILITY RANKS All abilities can now be leveled up 6 times, starting at level 16

    Q - Tiger Stance

    DAMAGE 30/60/90/120/150 (+1.2/1.35/1.5/1.65/1.8 attack damage) 30/60/90/120/150/180 (+1.1/1.25/1.4/1.55/1.7/1.85 attack damage)

    W - Turtle Stance

    SHIELD 60/95/130/165/200 60/95/130/165/200/235

    E - Bear Stance

    BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED 15/20/25/30/35% 15/20/25/30/35/40%
    BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED DURATION 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3/3.25 seconds

    R - Phoenix Stance

    CONE DAMAGE 40/80/120/160/200 50/95/140/185/230/275
    DAMAGE PER TICK 10/20/30/40/50 10/20/30/40/50/60

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    Responsiveness Pass

    Similar to some of the work on Diana's Q, the following abilities more quickly and reliably apply their effects to enemies they hit:
    • Jarvan IV's E - Demacian Standard > Q - Dragon Strike
    • Kennen's E - Lightning Rush
    • Tryndamere's E - Spinning Slash

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    Essence Reaver

    Upgrade cost decreased; total cost increased. Build path adjusted.

    We made it stronger and think it merits B.F. Sword's inclusion in its recipe again. However, now that it is stronger, it shouldn't be easier to build than Infinity Edge, which it is similar to in strength and tier.
    COST 3200 gold 3300 gold
    BUILD PATH Pickaxe + Caulfield's Warhammer + Cloak of Agility + 425 gold B.F. Sword + Caulfield's Warhammer + Cloak of Agility + 100 gold

    Randuin's Omen

    Armor increased.

    Giving more options in armor choices for those who want to build more tanky.
    ARMOR 60 70

    Rod of Ages

    Upgrade and total cost decreased.

    Rod of Ages takes too long to provide its benefits in a relatively fast paced meta. A price reduction makes it a slightly more realistic option for users that might consider it.
    COST 2700 gold (750 gold combine cost) 2600 gold (650 gold combine cost)

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    Your Shop Returns

    Personalized discounts are back from June 29th, 2019 – July 23rd, 2019!

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    Damage Text Updates

    We've updated damage text colors for consistency and readability, as well as to set us up for future work like the Death Recap update (did you watch Riot Pls yet?)
    COLORING Physical damage text is now always orange, magic damage text is now always cyan, and true damage will still remain white.
    SPIKEY Crit damage text icon now matches the stat panel icon
    PUNCHY Crit damage text animation should feel more impactful and satisfying
    WIP Colorblind support will be added for these updates next patch.

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    • Taliyah, Morgana, and Ezreal's ability VO lines will play less frequently
    • /mute all, /fullmute all, and /ignore all no longer also mutes your own pings
    • Lucian's R - The Culling now properly activates the movement speed bonus from hitting targets with W - Ardent Blaze

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    Upcoming Skins & Chromas

    The following skins will be released this patch. Grab the League Displays app for full-res splash art!

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