Patch 4.14 notes

By Riot Pwyff

Hey Summoners,

A small patch means a small foreword! As 4.14 is potentially the patch we'll be playing the World Championship on, we're deliberately playing safe in terms of disruptive changes. While there aren't a lot of things here, 4.14 does mark the release of Gnar, the Missing Link, much to the adoration of Yordle fans around the world. Remember to check out Gnar's champion reveal page for more information, but we're hoping to see true Gnar masters who can deftly adjust their playstyle according to his uncontrollable transformations. Nothing's sweeter than hopping up in mini Gnar form and then landing in the middle of a team fight as a tanky mega Gnar. Go try him out!

Anyway, that's all for now, so read on for the rest of our changes and context! See you next time!

Chris "Pwyff" Tom

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Patch Updates



BUGFIX Targeting is now more reliable in cases when units are stacked on top of each other
BUGFIX Resolved Spectator Mode choppiness that appeared after using time controls to jump forward or backward in the match


BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Kayle was unintentionally gaining too much attack speed per level


BUGFIX R - Last Breath now properly applies CC to Alistar, even when Alistar is ulting


BUGFIX Fixed a rare bug where Sona's auras were refreshing indefinitely with too many nearby allies
BUGFIX Fixed a UI bug where allies with togglable or multi-cast ultimates (ex. Karma's Mantra, Maokai's Vengeful Maelstrom) would see their ult buttons light up when shielded by Sona's W - Aria of Perseverance

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Gnar, the Missing Link, will be released a bit later during Patch 4.14!




SOON Soon.


Gragas has new recommended items (HELLO LICH BANE) and his E always carries him the maximum distance.

When you got a belly that big, momentum's working against you, man.


THIS HELPS MORE THAN YOU'D THINK Updated recommended items

E - Body Slam

ALL IN THE HIPS Gragas now always travels the full distance in the direction of the cast (still stops on first target he hits)


Riftwalk now has a longer period of time before it resets its damage / mana cost stacks.

Although we want Kassadin's iconic strength be his super mobility, we also want him to be thinking hard about when and how often he jumps around.

R - Riftwalk

WAS MORE LIKE A RIFTSPRINT 12 seconds 20 seconds


Koggy moves slower and R chunks champions for less.

Despite our changes in 4.13, Kog'Maw still has few weaknesses for his ultra-powerful late game identity. Since our goal is to to preserve a champion's strategic strengths even as we reduce power, we started with Kog's core weaknesses (low mobility) before tackling his early game strengths.



E - Void Ooze

WHEN DID YOU EAT THAT, KOG'MAW Has new particles, looks more gross

R - Living Artillery



W - Whimsy

NOT A NERF WE SWEAR Tooltip fixed to correctly state the polymorph duration as 1.5 to 2.5 seconds 1.25 to 2.25 seconds (actual value unchanged)


W's damage has been reduced and R has a max duration of 10 seconds per cast.

Maokai's a pretty cool dude and we're always happy to see a magical tree beating up dragons and yordles, but having a 100% uptime on Vengeful Maelstrom doesn't offer many windows of opportunity (otherwise known as counterplay!), and we may have overshot slightly on his base power.

W - Twisted Advance

BASE MAGIC DAMAGE 9/10.5/12/13.5/15% max health 9/10/11/12/13% max health
ABILITY POWER RATIO +4% max health damage per 100 AP +3% max health damage per 100 AP

R - Vengeful Maelstrom

newMAXIMUM DURATION 10 seconds


Black Shield has a lower base and R doesn't nuke as hard.

Regardless of how she's played (as a mage or a support), Morgana brings a lot of utility and damage to the table, so we're looking to reduce some of her overall effectiveness. While we don't usually talk about specific changes in the context, reducing the base value on Black Shield means support Morgana will have to choose between the defense it provides and the offensive power she gets from leveling Dark Binding, while mage Morgana will be less affected with her AP ratios compensating at rank 1.

E - Black Shield

BASE SHIELD 95/160/225/290/355 70/140/210/280/350

R - Soul Shackles

BASE MAGIC DAMAGE 175/250/325 150/225/300
TOTAL POSSIBLE MAGIC DAMAGE PER TARGET 350 / 500 / 650 300 / 450 / 600


Although we really like Orianna's complexity and high skill potential, she's often seen as a very reliable - and safe - choice for any team who needs a well-rounded mage. These changes are to give Ori's lane opponents a little more breathing room (especially melee) against her as she winds up for the mid to late game.




R's cooldown is longer and the warning indicator's range is increased. Also Rengar's prey will always have a warning indicator if he's within range, even if he's hiding behind a wall. Obtaining the giga-rare 'Head of Kha'Zix' gives Rengar more vision while stalking in brush.

While Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt is usually quite fun for him, we've seen he can be a little frustrating to play against - particularly in the early game when he's roaming everywhere, and in the late game when his prey is usually dead as they see the warning indicator. The short-form of this context would be that we want Rengar's ganking power to... Slow Down!


BUG-FREE KITTY Fixed a rare bug where Rengar would not leap from a brush if he recently flashed into it

Head of Kha'Zix

newDON'T ASK HOW THIS WORKS Rengar now has increased vision range while in a brush with the Head of Kha'Zix

R - Thrill of the Hunt

newX-RAY CAT FINDER Warning indicator now appears even if Rengar is in the fog of war while stealthed. In other words, if Rengar is within 1250 range of any opponent while stealthed via Thrill of the Hunt, they will be notified.
LONG RANGE CAT FINDER Warning indicator range increased from 1000 1250
COOLDOWN 120/95/70 seconds 150/110/70 seconds


R no longer deals damage to untargetable champions, causing fewer opponents to rage.

Now you should be able to fully dodge a Syndra ult if you time your abilities right.

R - Unleashed Power

SLIGHTLY LEASHED POWER Fixed a bug where Unleashed Power's Dark Spheres were still dealing damage to targets who had become untargetable (via Rappel, Zhonya's Hourglass, Playful/Trickster, etc)


Thanks to one particularly intrepid player, we've fixed a longstanding bug with Thresh's Flay.

E - Flay

THANKS DUDE Fixed a bug where Flay would sometimes not move opponents


R's delay between shots doesn't scale with cooldown reduction.

We always intended for Xerath's ultimate to be very dodgeable in a one-on-one situation, as he should be relying on his teammates for help. While we could technically position this as a bugfix, this is a definite power reduction for Xerath, so we're calling it a nerf fix (as opposed to a buff fix).

R - Rite of the Arcane

NERF FIX The delay between Arcane Barrages scales with cooldown reduction is fixed at 0.6 seconds between individual shots


Death Mark now places Zed behind his prey and allows him to ignore unit collision while active, finally making him a real-er ninja.

Zed lost a lot in 4.10 with our marksman itemization changes, but he's still performing consistently at the highest levels of play. That said, we saw we could give him some small usability buffs to help him stick to his Death Marked targets better.

R - Death Mark

newTHE UNSEEN ZED IS THE DEADLIEST When Zed uses Death Mark on a target, he dashes in front of them behind them
newTHE UNBLOCKABLE ZED IS THE DEADLIEST Zed now ignores unit collision while the Death Mark is active on a target

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Twisted Treeline, Crystal Scar & Howling Abyss

Sanguine Blade

We're making Sanguine Blade a little more player friendly by extending that passive duration. The small shift from lifesteal to AD is just to make Sanguine Blade more promising as a high-AD item, but we didn't want that lifesteal to get out of hand.
PASSIVE DURATION 4 seconds 8 seconds

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Post Game Lobby

We forgot to mention in 4.13 that we've updated the buttons in the post game lobby. The new buttons have a modernized look and feel and should help reduce misclicks. We also did a bit of cleanup this patch based on initial feedback.
HAPPY CLICKING! Post game lobby buttons have been updated

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Player Behavior

Suggested Players

We're introducing Suggested Players to help fill out premade lobbies. The initial list includes players from your recent victories as well as any premades you queued together with in your last match, but over time will be expanded to include groups like honorable players, potential friends and friends of friends.
  • Hosts and Captains of all matchmaking queues will now see a list of "Suggested Players" they can invite to fill out premade groups. The list includes:
    • Premades you queued together with in your last match
    • Team members from matches you've recently won

Chat Restrictions

Although 75% of players improve their behavior after just 1 set of chat restrictions, in some cases the system was handing out fewer initial restrictions than it should have, resulting in back-to-back waves of restrictions. We've tuned the system to be more accurate with the first wave - for example, one set of 30 instead of three sets of 10.
  • The Chat Restriction system is now more accurate with its first set of restrictions, reducing instances of back-to-back restriction waves

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Custom Lobby Spectating

We've upped the number of spectators that can join a custom lobby. This should be especially useful for local tournament scenes!
CONVENIENCE Increased the maximum number of custom lobby spectator slots from 2 to 4

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Patcher Speeds

Patching and installing have been sped up a bit. These changes are separate from the upcoming Patcher & Landing Page Refresh, which will inherit these improvements when released a bit further down the road.
FRESH INSTALLS League of Legends installs roughly 15% faster
PATCHES League of Legends updates roughly 7% faster

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Audio Engine

Now that the new engine is up and running, we're removing old files that aren't needed any more. This'll clear out over half of the audio files currently stored on your computer (the new engine is slimmer than the old one!) and reduce the number of files we need to update in future patches.
YOU SHOULD DEFRAG Removed about 700 MB of obsolete audio files

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  • Fixed a bug where the game clock would occasionally become desynchronized, causing buffs to appear to spawn too early
  • Pink wards are pink again!
  • Relic Shield and its upgrades no longer execute Heimerdinger's turrets (in line with the 4.12 change which removed the execute from Yorick's ghouls and Zyra's plants)
  • Quinn's E - Vault no longer causes weird text to appear
  • Targeting an ally with Zilean's Q - Time Bomb no longer pops their spellshield effects

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Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released at various times during Patch 4.14:

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