Nexus Blitz: All Champs Unlocked

By SpaceNorth

Yeah, you read it right: All champions—including the newly released Neeko—are now available to play in Nexus Blitz until the end of Snowdown on January 8! It’s a Snowdown miracle.

Never heard of Nexus Blitz? You’re missing out—it’s a wild twist on 5v5 gameplay with a roulette of random events, like Bardle Royale and Scuttlecrab Racing, with even crazier rewards for winning them, like base cannons, battle sleds, and Blitzcrank hooks on your towers.

You can read more about it here, or do some more hands-on research by queuing up and learning as you go. It’s a fifteen minute mode full of frenzied fun, so it’s never super tryhard or a huge time commitment.

Oh—looks like our Prize Fight is about to start, so we’ve gotta get back to the game. See you in the Blitz!

10 months ago

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Nexus Blitz

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