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/dev: Introducing Emotes

Producer Tim Teemo sheds some light on Emotes as they head to PBE.
4 months ago

Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle

Deep dive into Runes Reforged to understand how adaptable you can with your playstyle!
5 months ago

Honor Explained

Everything you need to know about Honor in less than three minutes.
5 months ago

Fight with Honor

In 7.12, rise to the challenge in every game. A renewed Honor refreshes all the ways we recognise and reward each other for skilful teamwork.
6 months ago

Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged

We're reforging Runes and Masteries, combining and streamlining them into one pre-game system.
6 months ago

/dev: On Missions

Game Designer Revenancer shares insight into League of Legend’s upcoming feature, Missions.
7 months ago

Ping muting and more on the way

If you’ve (???) been question-mark pinging (? ??? ??) us about the ability to (? ???) mute pings, it’s happening.
7 months ago

Legacy Client Officially Retires

We've had good times with the legacy client. But it's finally time to say goodbye.
8 months ago

New Client Rollout - Phase 2

We’re ready to start rolling out the new client to select regions.
8 months ago

Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion

We're ready to kick off Phase 2 of our plan for replacing the legacy client, starting with Oceania.
8 months ago