Ready, set, play: Earn Party Rewards all week long

By Lyte

Celebrate the launch of new champ select and the 2016 ranked season with Party Rewards. How’s it work? Simple. The larger your premade group, the larger the IP bounty you rake in. The bonus is even bigger for new champ select-enabled queues like Normal and Ranked draft.

Check out the details below!

Premade size New champ select queues Other queues
1 0% 0%
2 100% 25%
3 150% 50%
4 200% 75%
5 400% 100%

Party Rewards are live starting today (05:00 AEDT on January 21) until 18:59 AEDT on January 25. We’ll see you on the Rift!

3 years ago

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