Preseason Begins November 7th

By Riot Fearless

Preseason is coming in just a few days.

Get ready to experiment with powerful new runes, discover new playstyles, and level to infinity. Check out this preseason page to see all the features arriving November 8th.

The Runes Reforged update in particular is a massive change, and shipping it is really just the beginning. We know there will still be a lot to accomplish, especially with all the extra feedback we’ll get once everyone is playing with the new Runes. Along with normal balance work, bug fixing, clarity improvements, and polish, we’ll have to pay close attention to see which champions are struggling in the initial release. We’ll work diligently to add, retouch, and replace runes as we discover the most pressing needs brought by the new system.

Over the course of many upcoming patches, we’ll also continue to work on features that we didn’t wrap up in time for the preseason update. For example, we’ll need to add keystone support for the in-game spectator mode and include runes in the end-of-game experience. We’ll also make managing rune pages easier and more streamlined with better filtering options and the ability to hide preset pages.

This is the biggest gameplay change we’ve ever shipped. There'll be a lot to tweak and we'll be working on it well past live. Expect to hear from us a lot in the coming days, weeks, and months as we continue to listen and respond to player feedback. We look forward to talking with everyone on boards and all the usual social media spots. See you on the Rift!

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Preseason 2018

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