Prepare for the Showdown

By Brackhar

You’ve shot off five Final Sparks and achieved immortality through constant Chrono Shifts, but now it’s time for a Showdown.

For the next Featured Gameplay Mode, you’ll be able to duel it out with friends and foes alike on an icy battlefield that promises contests of epic proportions.

With three paths to an honorable victory, will you go full ham and draw first blood, waveclear your way to 100 CS or channel your inner Ziggs and demolish the turret before your opponent?

If you queue up with a buddy for the beatdowns, you’ll notice that you need two kills to earn the dubya, or the two of you can combine to hit that century CS mark.

Sharpen your swords and ready your hextech revolvers. The Showdown approaches this Snowdown.

5 years ago

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