Help us test Clash this weekend

By Draggles

We’re ready for a one-day test in Oceania, and we hope you are too!

In our last update, we announced PBE tests for Clash. These have now been completed and – from those tests – we improved the game flow and created a recovery tool which gives us the confidence to test these changes on a larger scale (more on this below). Now we need your help to get Clash launch-ready! When team creation goes live, everyone will get a free ticket to participate in a one-day test, and everyone who decides to participate will get rewards – regardless of the outcome. This is an optional test but, in order to help, all Clash test participants must have a Rank on Summoner's Rift and at least Honor level 2.

When to join the Clash test

You can start creating your teams on Thursday October 11, 8am AEDT and matches will begin Saturday, October 13, 7pm AEDT.

Free tickets

The regional test requires one ticket to enter. There are no five-ticket entries this time around. When team creation goes live, you’ll see the Clash tab as well as a free ticket to participate. From there, you can begin forming teams. If you're short a few teammates, head to our Boards Community's Discord and put yourself out there!


Everyone who chooses to help us with the Clash test gets Victory Points, a Clash orb, and – if you earn enough VP – an exclusive Clash beta banner (500 VP) and icon. This is the last opportunity to earn a Clash beta banner and icon before moving to a new rewards theme.

In each orb, you’ll find an XP boost and a new logo for your next Clash team, as well as rewards that scale based on your performance. If you’d like to know roughly what you can expect out of every orb, check out our Rewards Guide.

Banners show up in your lane in-game

What we learned from PBE tests

The PBE tests let us know how well our proposed fixes and mitigations worked, and helped us implement new solutions to get us ready for regional tests.

Test 1 - Staggered scouting phase

This test validated many backend changes to the game flow for more reliable game starts. We found a few issues with players who created their PBE accounts immediately before the test, which raised visibility on some possible improvements around new player experience.

Test 2 - Game flow changes and the Clash Management Tool

We tested the reliability of the “Revert Step” functionality of our Clash Management Tool (CMT) and safely brought teams back to Lock in from Scouting after purposefully crashing their game in this time. We hope we don’t have to use this feature, but if the Clash experience goes wrong, tournaments can recover and your team can compete.

Test 3 - 4-team bracket

In previous PBE tests, a small number of teams had issues getting into game. We were able to recreate this issue, and with additional logging, track it down and work on a solution.

Test 4 - Stalled game starts and the Clash Management Tool

This test shed light on the ability of the Clash Management Tool to recover from disastrous scenarios. We gained confidence that the CMT could recover stalled matches by refunding the affected teams and offering them an opportunity to rejoin the same tournament.

Help us break Clash!

If you find a bug or something doesn’t go quite right, be a bloody legend and head to the Clash Test boards post and leave a comment with the following info:

1. The Summoner Name you were using
2. Your Clash team name
3. The problem you encountered

Doing so will help us identify any issues on the road to the official Clash launch!

Stay up to date on Clash

As we move into bigger tests, you’ll see more frequent updates from us. Keep up with Clash updates here, and GLHF during this weekend’s test!

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