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By Lyte

UPDATE: After deploying the new Team Builder features in other regions, we started seeing an issue where some summoners were not being properly awarded the icons. This is currently being investigated and the queue will be turned on as planned in Oceania at 3pm AEST on Sunday 03/08/2014. More details here.

With significant improvements coming to the Team Builder experience, we’re re-inviting you to give the new queue a try.

We’re going to be bringing Team Builder back as a trial queue on Sundays from 3pm AEST to 1am AEST starting on 03/08/2014.

We’ve also heard your feedback about other queues like Dominion and Normal Draft and we will be exploring the idea of testing these on other nights of the week. As always though, the testing process is constantly being evaluated to ensure it remains a healthy experience for everyone.

Team Builder changes

Some of the changes we’ve implemented relate to matchmaking, others combat long queue times. In at least one case, we’re making it easier to find friends to play a Team Builder match.

  • “Demand Board” -- A new feature showing which roles are in highest demand, allowing players to “fill” if they want
  • “Enhanced Play Again” -- Captains can choose from a “Recently Played” list filled with players they can one-click invite to the next game
  • “Smarter Matchmaking” -- The system that recognizes your familiarity with each role, position and champion, adjusting your MMR based on your experience. Smarter Matchmaking’s improved the way the system finds appropriate opponents, using this new, more accurate gauge of skill

To make sure you’re getting into game fast enough to feel these changes, we also overhauled the rules for adding solo players to teams. We’ve seen improved queue times across the board, and if you want to read more, check out my deep dive into all of the changes in this update.

With new reasons to start using Team Builder, we’ve designed a series of new summoner icon rewards for playing the queue. Because Team Builder’s champion select accounts for role, the new rewards are earned by playing your way. After you play five games as one role, tracked in-client, you’ll unlock the icon of that role instantly. And yes, if you’re more of a generalist (or a completionist), you can unlock all six icons.

So join us in the revamped Team Builder, and show off your favorite role with your new icons!

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