Become a League client update alpha tester

By Cactopus

For the past several months, brave players have stepped up to help us test and tune the League client update. We've got a ways to go before we're done testing, so we're calling for more recruits. We want YOU to join the alpha.

We've slain some seriously gnarly bugs in our quest to deliver a more stable, better looking client for players, but it wouldn't have been possible without the help of the brave warriors in the alpha test legions. Our testers have stuck with us through the fight as we've iterated on features like redesigned profiles, updated rune pages, collection, and the updated champ select, to name a few.

With the recent addition of draft pick normals, we're making preparations to turn on ranked for the League client update. Players in the alpha are connected directly to live servers, making it important for the client to remain stable, even in alpha. To get ready for ranked, we need as many soldiers as we can get. So we're widening the gate to the alpha and letting way more of you experience the updated client.

Sign up now to become a tester, or check out the alpha website for ongoing updates about what we're releasing and posts detailing how your feedback makes a difference.

3 years ago

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