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Fight with Honor in 2018

Honor in 2018 delivers new rewards that level up when you do. Your Honor level resets at season start and new checkpoints between levels help track your progress.
1 week ago

Level Beyond 30

Prepare to experience uncapped levelling and climb beyond level 30!
2 months ago

Preseason Begins November 7th

Discover powerful new runes, create your playstyle, and level to infinity.
2 months ago

Twisted Treeline Ranked — The Final Climb!

Giving you more of a chance to climb that Twisted Treeline!
3 months ago

Normal Draft test results

The Normal Draft test period has come to a close, here's what we found.
3 months ago

Ranked and Draft queue update

Get draftin' every day for the next two weeks and/or ramp up your Ranked games
3 months ago

Account Transfers Going on Cooldown

Account transfers are going to be temporarily unavailable while we get ready for preseason.
3 months ago

Honor Capsule update delivers new drop rate

We added bad luck protection to Honor Capsule drop rates.
4 months ago

Emotes are live!

Learn more about unlocking, equipping, and using all the feels.
4 months ago

Rewards for old Honor are rolling out by 1/10

We’re rolling out summoner icons to celebrate the most honourable players before the update
4 months ago