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Night & Dawn Event Trailer

Strike the skies with Nightbringer Lee Sin, Dawnbringer Nidalee, Nightbringer Aphelios, and Legendary Nightbringer and Dawnbringer Soraka. Make a difference with Dawnbringer Karma—all proceeds go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Plus, face off with friends and foes in the returning Poro King game mode. Pick up the Night & Dawn Event Pass to unlock exclusive missions and even more rewards.
1 day ago

TFT Update: Savage Twilight

A new Origin turns the tides.
1 day ago

The End of Year Prestige Shop is Open!

The Prestige Shop is open! Check in for a list of stuff you can use your remaining points on.
1 day ago

Patch 9.24 notes

Made some changes following Preseason and big updates to Diana, and Aphelios joins the fray.
3 days ago

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.24 notes

Senna, Lucian and their new Soulbond class headline TFT's latest update.
3 days ago

TFT Interface Update

What we're changing about Teamfight Tactics' interface and why we're doin' it.
3 days ago

Clash Explained

Fight as five. Win as one. Lead game designer Jon “IamWalrus” Moormann walks through Clash, League’s tournament mode for teams.
1 week ago

TFT Update: Soulbound Class

Senna and Lucian enter TFT together, bound beyond life and death.
2 weeks ago

Patch 9.23 notes

Preseason is here and the Rift will never be the same!
3 weeks ago

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.23 notes

Rise of the Elements ranked season kicks off!
3 weeks ago