Sounds of the game: Dire Wolves

By Riot Sephyre

Coming into the Oceanic Regional Final the Dire Wolves were an unknown quantity. They put up commanding performances in online tournaments but were untested on a LAN environment.

When they came up against Team immunity at EB Expo their inexperience showed. The veteran members of IM were able to overcome the princes of soloqueue. This knocked the wolves into the lower bracket and elimination became a very real possibility.

That's when the Rippii factor came in to play. This was a team he had built from scratch and he wasn't about to let it fall. The team rallied around their captain and went back to their trademark aggression. They went on to knock out Zero and scalped Immunity in the lower bracket final to claim their place at PAX.

Dire Wolves now face off with Avant Garde in the semifinals. You can catch all the action from 10am AEST Saturday November 1 on the stream page.

For more information about the final four be sure to check out the team pages:

4 years ago

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