Sounds of the game: Chiefs

By Riot Sephyre

The Chiefs were once the superstars of the local scene. They won almost every major tournament and were considered to be unbeatable at a LAN. At the time they were known as Team Immunity and it was just assumed they would win every competition.

Then the upset happened at the winter regionals and everything changed. Raydere and the boys would be forced to watch from the side-lines as Legacy went on to represent the region at the International Wildcard Tournament instead of them.

Rather than fall into despair the boys banded together and vowed to return to the top. They made the tough choice to split out on their own and leave the Immunity name behind. That was how the Chiefs were born and since that moment they have come out swinging, with crushing wins in the qualifiers and the round of 8.

The only thing that now stands in the way of the Chiefs and the grand final is Legacy. The Chiefs must overcome their nemesis at PAX Australia this weekend if they want to reclaim the regional crown.

You can watch all the action live from PAX Australia on Saturday November 1 from 10am AEST on the stream page.

For more information about the final four be sure to check out the team profiles:

4 years ago

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