Sounds of the game: Avant Garde

By Riot Sephyre

Avant Garde is a team of veterans, but they haven't been playing with each other for that long. Porky and Chelby (now known as Yozora) hail from Curse Oceania, while Kenste came across from Dignitas Oceania. The trio was looking for a bot lane when they met Veritas, the masterful ADC from Korea and paired him with the always-smiling Nada on support.

Between Nada's positioning and Veritas' fancy footwork, the bot-lane pairing should be unstoppable. What's troubled them in the past is the lack of experience playing as a team.

You wouldn't be able to tell that from the way they played at Armageddon Expo though. Avant demolished Your Soul Shall Chuffer and took a convincing 2-0 series against Legacy to qualify for PAX Australia.

Their next opponent is Dire Wolves and the pack will need to find a way to slow down this bot-lane or the Avant freight train will keep on rolling. You can catch all of the finals action from 10am AEST Saturday November 1 on the stream page.

For more information about the final four be sure to check out the team profiles:

4 years ago

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