Competitive Ruling: Liam “Talented” Folley

By Loote


On January 5th, OPL officials became aware of evidence suggesting that Liam “Talented” Folley was engaged in boosting. A thorough investigation concluded that Talented had boosted in over 100 games.


Sharing accounts and engaging in boosting not only violates the Terms of Service, but has many negative effects on the community. Boosting produces unbalanced games, devalues the commitment many players make to earn their rankings, and endangers account security. We have repeatedly stressed to players that boosting is impermissible and harms other players.

There are a number of factors that we consider whenever we’re assessing a penalty for any violation of OPL rules. We look for precedent, which in this case includes recent rulings issued in other leagues which have levied suspensions ranging from six months to a year for boosting. We also considered that this is Talented’s first offence. In addition, Talented was extremely cooperative which we took into consideration.

We take violations to the Terms of Service very seriously, particularly given the higher trust placed in pro players.

Relevant Rules

8.2.7 Player Behavior Investigation

If Riot determines that a Team Member has violated the Summoner’s Code, the LoL Terms of Service, or other rules of LoL, Riot officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion.

The League of Legends Terms of Use prohibits players from sharing, transferring, selling or trading user accounts and/or login credentials.


Liam “Talented” Folley has violated Section 8.2.7 of the OPL ruleset and is subject to penalties.

Competition Penalties

Talented is ineligible for all Riot-affiliated League of Legends competition for the duration of the 2017 OPL competitive seasons.

2 years ago

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