Competitive Ruling: Chiefs Esports Club

By Loote


While conducting an investigation we found evidence that four members of Chiefs eSports Club were involved in account sharing during their bootcamp in China. They were preparing for an event and planned to play on both the Chinese and Korean servers as a part of their training regime.

We conducted an official investigation and found that four members of the Chiefs knowingly played in Korean solo queue on accounts they did not own. These players are:

Samuel “Spookz” Broadley
Simon “Swiffer” Papamarkos
Quin “Raes” Korebrits
Bryce “Egym” Paule

The team was very cooperative in our investigation and forthcoming with information.


It’s well known that account sharing is against the Terms of Use. Members of the Chiefs were unable to attain an account on the Korean server as they are not Korean residents. The account was used for the sole purpose of the Chiefs playing while they were visiting China. They were not boosting the account.

When a team or player from a professional league travels internationally they can request accounts in order to play on different servers after going through an application process. While the Chiefs did apply for accounts for their bootcamp in China in October 2016, they did so within a small margin of time before travel. As a result, they were left without official accounts for the first part of their bootcamp.

Chiefs eSports Club provided their players with accounts they obtained through other means.

Relevant Rules:

10.2.8 Player Behaviour Investigation.
If OPL or Riot determines that a Team or Team Member has violated the Summoner’s Code, the LoL Terms of Use, or other rules of LoL, OPL officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion. If an OPL official contacts a Team Member to discuss the investigation, the Team Member is obligated to tell the truth. If a Team Member withholds information or misleads an OPL official creating an obstruction of the investigation, then the Team and/or Team Member is subject to punishment.

The League of Legends Terms of Use prohibits players from sharing, transferring, selling or trading user accounts and/or login credentials.


Spookz, Swiffer, Raes, EGym, Frank Li and Chiefs eSports Club have violated section 10.2.8 of the OPL Ruleset and is subject to penalties.

Competition Penalties:

Spookz, Swiffer, Raes and EGym are ineligible for all Riot-affiliated League of Legends competition for the following two matches of the 2017 OPL Season. They will be eligible to compete on April 1st, week 10 of the 2017 OPL Split 1.

Chiefs eSports Club is fined $1,000 AUD.
Frank Li is fined $3,000 AUD.

2 years ago

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