Season 3 Oceanic Championship Finals Recap

Sunday, day 3 of PAX Australia, featured two teams that had fought their way through hundreds of teams to meet each other in the Finals. Team Immunity and HotSoggyDecimate were both very nervous backstage, resulting in a lot of teammate huddles in attempts to hype each other up, and get adrenaline pumping to overcome nerves.

They headed on stage to the roars of the PAX crowd, surprised for a moment at how many people have turned out to watch the teams play before retaining their composure and assuming their positions at the computers to do a final check of their settings and joining the game lobby.

The games were relatively one sided, with Team Immunity, spearheaded by Raydere, taking two fairly quick victories but HotSoggyDecimate were not sad, they were smiling as they embraced their opponents after the team and congratulated them on their victory. The Crowd didn't care that the games were one sided, they we're simply excited to be seeing their local teams fighting it out on a big stage.

This is Oceanic eSports, it isn't about winning at all costs, it is about coming together as a community and celebrating the game we all love. Gamescom, watch out, Team Immunity is coming!

6 years ago

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