OMG - China's Men in Black

By Riot Mirhi

OMG's marketing depicts them as China's Men in Black, subverting from the shadows.  Though their image is based upon maintaining a certain amount of mystery, there's a quite a bit about OMG that we can tell you. 

OMG nearly blocks out LPL's top five MVP rankings.  They're capable of both starving out the enemy jungle or stalling out matches and capitalizing on well-coordinated team play and superior Baron control.  In LPL's best-of-two format, the average length of the second game in a series featuring OMG is nearly ten minutes shorter than the first, suggesting that they are able to read a team in the first game and close out the second much more efficiently. OMG's versatility and adaptability has won 25 of their 28 games in the past LPL split, and they're in search of fiercer competition.


2014 LPL Spring KDA: 5.49

2014 LPL Spring Most Picked: Shyvana

OMG's captain, Gao "Gogoing" Di-Ping, is ranked third in LPL's MVP rankings, and while many top laners around the world struggled to impact the game during the tank meta, he demonstrated that tanks can still carry. He extended his dominance over his lanes into the jungle, warding deep and securing opposing buff camps. Though his most-picked champion was Shyvana, the second most banned champion against OMG was Renekton due to the amount of pressure Gogoing can exert with him. Since 2013 LPL Spring, Gogoing has only lost 2 of 26 competitive Renekton games. That doesn't mean that Gogoing is limited to the tank meta however, as his Ryze and Jax both took several casualties this split, and he's been known in the past as a master of Kennen. Banning out this top lane giant is impossible, and taking him down will be no easy task.


2014 LPL Spring KDA: 4.94

2014 LPL Spring Most Picked: Kha'Zix

Versatility is the name of OMG's game, and Ouyang "pomelo" Wei-Qi is so versatile that he has switched roles with Allen twice without the team so much as skipping a beat. He was placed back in the jungle this split, as the emerging jungle assassin meta better suited his style, and being fifth place in MVP standings doesn't lie. Pomelo exhibits some of the least predictable jungle pathing in LPL, as he knows all of his lanes can make use of any kills he grants them to carry the day. Though he played plenty of Kha'Zix when the season began, OMG has become adept at the tower-pushing meta, for which Pomelo's Nunu play is well-suited.


2014 LPL Spring KDA: 6.46

2014 LPL Spring Most Picked: Ziggs

The newest addition to OMG's roster, Hu "xiyang" Bin, a well-known Syndra main from solo queue, was initially supposed to be a temporary substitute while Cool took a split off to recover from health concerns. During his time on the team, however, he rocketed to the top of the LPL MVP standings and took the No. 1 spot by a wide margin. Over the course of the split, OMG adapted to xiyang's strength as a master of 1v1s and used his near 100 cs leads to transition through the mid game. While the rest of the team rushes to push towers, mid lane is becoming more and more about 1v1s, making xiyang an especially fearsome foe. If Syndra should fall into xiyang's hands, doom for the opposition is all but certain.


2014 LPL Spring KDA: 6.73

2014 LPL Spring Most Picked: Lucian

Whether you're of the mind that Guo "san" Jun-Liang has really stepped up his game in Cool's absence or he's always been good, there's no denying the power san brings as an AD carry. OMG is adept at corralling enemies into tight corridors for san to pick off, and he uses On the Hunt as an effective baiting tool. San also debuted LPL's first Jinx pick with a Quadra Kill, and the champion has been taking off in the region since, especially at the recent International Esports Tournament. San functions a bit like OMG's hidden knife, capable of coming out to carry if xiyang or Gogoing have a bad game.


2014 LPL Spring KDA: 4.12

2014 LPL Spring Most Picked: Annie

Allen has had an experimental LPL split as he toyed with Nami, Thresh, Leona, and mage supports. Leblanc became the most banned champion against OMG after Allen and xiyang proved that they could both use her to terrifying ends: Allen to feed kills onto san, and xiyang to crush his opponents in lane. Like many supports, Allen is his team's primary fight-picker, favoring champions with AoE engagements. He's also extremely self-sufficient with limited gold, and has managed to 1v3 on Leona, taking a kill and escaping the situation.

Looking forward to OMG at All-Star

OMG enters the tournament looking like an unstoppable force. They can play full-out aggressive like their play style at Season 3 Worlds, but they can also rein back and grind out games with pristine vision control. With key playmakers at all critical positions and Allen back to his original role that lifted OMG to the top of the LPL, this Chinese powerhouse organization should not be taken lightly.

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