Oceanic Season 3 Championship round of 16 Starts Tonight!

The Oceanic Season 3 Championship round of 16 kicks off tonight and continues to Friday. We're in the business end of the tournament with 16 teams competing for 4 spots at the PAX Australia Finals.

The schedule for this week's events is as follows:


Wednesday July 10th

Team Exile 5 Eclipse vs Team Radiance

HotSoggyDecimate vs Miasma

Wizz is insec vs Team Downunder

Thursday July 11th

Avante Garde Fear vs Team Exile 5 lunar

Avante Garde Redemption vs FIGJAM

Immunity vs One Mango

Friday July 12th

Starburst Batallion vs int64knights

Daizy Parade vs Carry Us Fallen Plz


One of these games will be broadcast each night at 8pm AEST, so be sure to tune in at www.twitch.tv/aclprolol and cheer on your local players!

The round of 8 and the qualifying round for PAX Australia will be on Saturday the 13th of July and Sunday the 14th of July.

To check out the bracket, head over to http://riot2013.aclpro.com.au/ro16.html

6 years ago

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