Oceanic Season 3 Championship round of 16 Continues Tonight!

Last night was the kickoff night for the Season 3 Oceanic Championship with three games of the 8 being played.

On stream, we had the pleasure of watching Miasma vs HotSoggyDecimate duke it out for a spot in the Ro8. The games were both extremely long and very back and forth but in the end HotSoggyDecimate secured both games and locked in their spot in the top 8!

The non-streamed games were also 2-0, with Wizz is Insec defeating Team Down Under and Team Exile5 Eclipse defeating Team in Denial.


Tonights games will be:

Avante Garde Fear vs Team Exile 5 Lunar

Avante Garde Redemption vs FIGJAM

Team Immunity vs OneMango


Tune in at 8pm AEST at www.twitch.tv/aclprolol to find out who else is advancing to the top 8!

6 years ago

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