Oceanic Season 3 Championship Round of 16 Concludes Tonight!

The Oceanic Season 3 Championship continued last night with three very exciting games and some unexpected results.

Starting earlier in the night, Avant Garde Fear defeated Exile 5 Lunar 2-0 in a game that many people were unsure of the result. On stream we had a close series with underdog FIGJAM taking out Avant Garde Redemption. The series was very close but in the end FIGJAM pulled out the win. The final game of the night was Team Immunity vs OneMango. Immunity ended up taking the series however OneMango put up a good fight with the series ending in a 2-1 score.


We still have two games remaining in the Round of 16, both to be completed tonight:

Daizy Parade vs Carry Us Fallen Plz

Starburst Battalion vs __Int64 Knights



Tune in at 8pm AEST at www.twitch.tv/aclprolol

6 years ago

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