Oceanic Season 3 Championship Day 2 Recap


The Oceanic Season 3 Championship kicked off with some great games on Saturday, and Sunday was no different with 64 teams still competing for 16 spots in Stage 2 of the event.

We had a few upsets such as Team in Denial getting the better of Exile 5 Solar and a team that was formed specifically for this event, FIGJAM, knocked out Hebuska and Friends late in the day.

After a long day of games, we finished with our 16 top teams:

  • Daisy Parade
  • OneMango
  • Avant-Garde Fear
  • Starburst Battalion
  • Avant-Garde Redemption
  • Team Down Under
  • Miasma
  • Team Exile5 Eclipse
  • Team Radiance
  • HotSoggyDecimate
  • Team Exile5 Lunar
  •  __int64 knights
  • Carry Us Fallen Plz
  • Team Immunity

The top 16 bracket will kick off on Wednesday Night and the Round of 16 will continue to Friday. Be sure to tune in for some exciting games!

If you watch to catch up on the VOD’s from Sunday’s games, they are located here: https://www.twitch.tv/aclprolol/b/426860207

To watch live on Wednesday night, tune in at www.twitch.tv/aclprolol

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6 years ago

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