OCE All-Stars take flight with Red Bull

By GeneralCoxy

In order to prepare for the pressure of International Wildcard All-Stars, the Oceanic team is taking part in some extreme training by entering Red Bull Billy Cart. But there was a second, unannounced portion to their training program - a high-speed flight over Sydney in a Red Bull stunt plane.

With the assistance of with stunt pilot Joel Haski, All-Star aerobats Ryoo, ChuChuZ and Carbon took turns spinning across Sydney’s skyline. This was no joyride - the Red Baron aircraft has a top speed of 410 km/h, and can reach a roll speed of 360° per second, putting a new meaning on ‘spin to win’.

After all, once you’ve experienced +8G (equivalent to a spaceship re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere), riding a billy cart should be a piece of cake.

For more info on IWCA or to purchase tickets, click here.

4 years ago

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