North American Regionals kicking off soon

By Magus

With several Regional Playoffs won and done, we're starting to see who's in the fast lane on the Road to Worlds and who's taking the exit into the offseason. Now it's North America's turn to find out which teams are in the driver's seat. The Summer Split turned the existing balance of power on its head, with upstarts C9 and Vulcun securing first round byes—while North American mainstays CLG, TSM, Curse and Dignitas fill out seeds three through six. But with the Summer Split behind us, none of the W-L records, KDA stats or roster changes matter anymore: in the playoffs, anything can happen. From here on out, all that counts is momentum and the will to win.

The NA Regional Playoffs run from August 30th through September 1st. Follow the Road to Worlds at for complete coverage and streams as the games go live. 

6 years ago

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